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ABES Medical Office Assistant Students Offer Testimonials

I found ABES to be a really great learning environment and the staff were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in the administrative and medical fields.

ABES MOA Graduate

Well, to make a long story short, my entire experience with ABES was positive. In the fall of 2011, I just happened to open the Calgary Sun, and saw an advertisement for the Unit Clerk / MOA course offered by ABES. I immediately called and set up an appointment to speak with someone about this course. I was impressed that you graduate from ABES with dual certificates. I knew I did not want to return to school for one year or more; thus the course length of six months appealed to me. Additionally, the ABES campus was only about five minutes from my home, which was an added bonus. After meeting with someone in Amissions at ABES, I knew that I wanted to take this course and start a “new chapter in my life.” I had been a Secretary, Administrative Assistant, and Executive Assistant for 25 years, and I needed a career change.

I know that I definitely made the right choice for my new career and ABES (for my school of choice). A good friend of mine attended another school in the NE part of Calgary in 2010. I definitely received a higher-quality education due (largely in part) to the fact that ABES works closely with Alberta Health Services and Calgary Laboratory Services to ensure a high-quality education. This is an advantage for all ABES students and graduates as AHS and CLS are large employers in the Calgary area.

I was hired as a casual employee for AHS even before my practicum was completed. I am thrilled to write this student feedback as I believe that ABES is a fantastic school with instructors and staff that really look after their students and graduates.

ABES MOA Graduate

ABES gave me nice placements for my practicum. I gained enough training and learning to prepare me for my future career. They also provided the opportunity for me to have a career in AHS. The staff at ABES are considerate and did their best to help me succeed in my studies and future job.

ABES MOA Graduate

The curriculum provided though quite intense, gave me the knowledge required to do the job and do it well. I often joked about the fact that I was not in nursing and that a lot of the information I was trying to retain seemed more in line with nursing but in the end honestly there have been more than a few times it has come in handy and helpful. I have to say I totally enjoyed my hospital practicum. I felt from day one that I’d finally found the place I should be in regard to my work life. It turns out to be well suited to me personally and my personality.

I enjoyed the camaraderie as I was new to Calgary. I enjoyed working with others a lot. I also found those staff that I was with on a daily basis were helpful, understanding, and if a shoulder or an ear were required they were available.

Bottom line it’s a tough course but in the end the reward is so great. My options are unbelievable. It has and will open doors for me no matter where the road leads. For that I am thankful!

ABES MOA Graduate

ABES overall is a great school, you guys did everything possible to make things better. I learned a lot, and my practicum experience was amazing. I loved both placements. I am glad I chose this school, I made a lot of friends, and I am looking forward to starting my career!

ABES MOA Graduate

My experience here in ABES was very good. They provided all the learning that I need. They are very supportive. The staff are also very nice and supportive. I really have a great experience here in ABES.

ABES MOA Graduate

Thank you for sending me to such wonderful practicum sites. My preceptors were awesome! But most of all, I want to thank you for the good training. ABES prepared and molded me to excel in the units that I worked with. And my good news for you is that I got hired!

ABES MOA Graduate

One of the positive aspects of my ABES experience was the organized structure of how the lessons were taught in my unit clerk / MOA 6 month course. There was a lot of material to learn in the 4 months of class time and it was very well taught and very organized. The support and care from my instructors and staff at ABES played an important part in attaining my achievement of graduating from a recognized learning institution and getting my career as a Unit Clerk started. Thank you ABES, for everything!

ABES MOA Graduate

ABES really does their best to provide the right fit for your practicum placements for their students. My MOA and UC practicums were both very positive experiences, and I really liked that ABES took the time to find sites that would be good matches for each student.

ABES MOA Graduate

I had a fantastic learning experience at ABES, mainly because:

There is a tremendous amount of support, from the teachers and from Dolores, and the Director of course, Julie.

There is structure, and order, which made it easier to learn

The environment is fun; I looked forward to class every morning.

It is a professional place, you are treated with respect

The learning materials (books, handouts, equipment) are first class

ABES MOA Graduate

I had a great experience at ABES and landed a job in the hospital before I had even graduated. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life. It flew by and I’ll never have to work for minimum wage again.

ABES MOA Graduate

ABES is wonderful place to be… place of learning and developing skills in the health care.

ABES MOA Graduate

Being a newcomer to Canada, I got the opportunity to join ABES within the first week. It was the beginning of my wonderful career in Canada. The education at ABES provided my timely opportunities to showcase my skills and knowledge at my worksites. Education at ABES provided me a stepping stone for a decent job at Alberta Health Services.

To sum up: ABES opened the door for my professional career in healthcare in Canada

Thank you ABES & it’s wonderful team!

ABES MOA Graduate

ABES did a great job in molding me to be a good Unit Clerk. The knowledge, experience, theory, and everything else made me complete as a venture on with my career. My practicum made a great impact on whatever I had in school; it added the wisdom and experience.

Thank you so much!

ABES MOA Graduate

I liked how the classes were smaller. It allowed me to learn more. I appreciated having all the help and support from Dolores. The students in my class were awesome, which gave me more drive to come.

ABES HCA Graduate

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