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Medical Lab Assistant

Become a Certified Medical Lab Assistant through Calgary’s ABES

In partnership with Calgary Laboratory Services (CLS), this full-time program prepares graduates for work in hospitals, patient service centers, and clinical laboratories. Alberta Business & Educational Services’ (ABES) Medical Lab Assistant course will help you become fully qualified.

Calgary Laboratory Services (CLS) Partnership

In 2004, CLS approached Alberta Business & Educational Services (ABES), and requested we run the Medical Lab Assistant program in Calgary in order to solve a shortage of MLAs in the industry. As a result of successfully addressing their issues, we have remained partners ever since. This relationship has been very advantageous for our students, because it allows our program to grow with the times, and to develop the most current techniques and skillsets necessary for success in the field.

Benefits of CLS Partnership

Our partnership with CLS for the Medical Lab Assistant program means that students have the opportunity to form a professional relationship with CLS—the largest employer for MLAs in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Our MLA students also receive these direct benefits:

  • CLS interviews and selects students for the program. You will have a working relationship with CLS from the beginning.

  • CLS employees help train students while they are at ABES. ABES brings in CLS employees to provide training in technical areas during the classroom portion of training. ABES’ onsite lab uses all CLS equipment and trains students to CLS’ Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) standards to help better prepare you for practicum and employment. Our students complete a 5-week practicum with CLS in either a community or hospital setting.

  • The CLS Occupational Health and Safety Department screens students and offers them any vaccinations requisite for their practicum and employment CLS will help you prepare for employment any way that they can.

Ongoing Support with ABES

Because of our close working relationship with CLS, graduates of this program are streamlined into the work force; 95% of Medical Lab Assistant graduates from Alberta Business & Educational Services (ABES) are employed upon or before graduation. Although the majority of our grads work for CLS, our Calgary Medical Lab Assistant program does not limit you to this company.

Upon your request ABES will provide you with practicums outside of CLS. Many other employers hire our graduates.

Calgary, Edmonton, and Lethbridge Students: Your Successful Future as a Medical Lab Assistant Awaits and ABES is your Key

By offering our students such a close laboratory relationship with the largest MLA employer in Calgary, we hope to ensure your ongoing success in the Medical Lab Assistant program whether you’re from Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge or beyond. Contact Alberta Business & Educational Services (ABES) to learn more today!

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