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Career Information for Medical Device Reprocessing Technicians in Calgary

Are you interested in contributing to a surgical team and working with healthcare professionals? Then you should consider a career as a Medical Device Reprocessing Technician. ABES offers a full-time Medical Device Reprocessing Technician program in Calgary that will provide you with the necessary technical skills, employment preparation skills and other essential skills to work in the medical field. In partnership with Alberta Health Services (AHS), this 40-week course grows with the industry each year and allows our students to surpass expectations of employers.

As a Medical Device Reprocessing Technician you will need the skills to reprocess reusable medical devices. You will need to be able to properly gather, disassemble, clean, disinfect, reassemble, package, sterilize, store and distribute basic surgical instruments for re-use in hospitals and other health care facilities. You will be relied upon by surgeons to ensure all surgical tools are properly cleaned and sterile before reuse on other patients. Recommended characteristics for this position include:

  • Attention to detail

  • Manage time effectively

  • Ability to work under direction and with initiative

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

  • Quick response to written and verbal requests

  • Reliability

  • Dependability

  • Good work habits

These characteristics will help you ensure your job is done properly, allowing you to become a cohesive part of your work atmosphere.

Begin your path towards a rewarding career

Educational Requirements

To qualify for admission to our MDRT program you must have 2 years of Post-Secondary training in Health Care or Life Sciences. ABES also includes some extra prerequisites that must be met to enroll in the MDRT program, which include:

  • Two-Year Post-Secondary Degree in Health Care for Life Sciences

  • Language Benchmark 7 (All Skills)

  • Clear Security Clearance

  • Physical Ability to Carry Out the Work

  • Interview with Program Coordinator

Upon graduation from our Medical Device Reprocessing Technician program in Calgary, you will be a certified Medical Device Reprocessing Technician with certificates in first aid, CPR and defibrillation as well. Please also note that certification is not required or regulated for this profession. 

All MDR technicians must write the International Associate of Healthcare Central Service Material Management (IAHCSMM) examination as a prerequisite for employment, and the ABES program is the only education institution in Alberta to include this designation in training.

Advancement Opportunities

Each year more and more baby boomers are retiring, opening positions for newly graduated technicians. With our Medical Device Reprocessing Technician in Calgary, you will be qualified to work in many healthcare facilities such as operating rooms in hospitals, private health care facilities, surgical centres, dental offices, colon cancer screening centres and day procedure facilities. All of these opportunities for employment will help you find a fulfilling and rewarding career.

A Fulfilling & Rewarding Career Awaits

With over 20 years as an educational facility, ABES will help you attain the necessary knowledge to become a respected Medical Device Reprocessing Technician. Our program in Calgary contains 760 hours of instruction and 320 hours of unpaid work experience to ensure that you have the necessary skills to have a fulfilling and rewarding career in this medical field. Contact us today to learn more information about our Medical Device Reprocessing Technician program in Calgary.

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