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Start A Rewarding New Career as a Community Support Worker

Nurse and patient

Program Highlights

  • Get the training you need to begin a rewarding new career in the human services industry!
  • Plenty of stable, high-paying jobs available with a strong job  outlook
  • More than 95% of applicants qualify for funding

What is a Community Support Worker?

Community Support Workers help people deal with personal and social problems. They teach related skills and provide information and support. Community Support Workers strive to improve the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of vulnerable adults, children, youth and families.

Trust the Process

Studying at ABES College has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. The instructors and staff are a top-rate as they want their students to do well and they are very supportive in every step of the way. I am very thankful for all the staff of ABES College as they have been a part of my successful journey and I wouldn't achieve what I have achieved without the caring environment. One piece of advice I would like to give to future students is "just trust the process!

Angelyn P. - 22/08/2019

Great School

ABES College is a great school! If you want a career in health care this is the place to go. They have a great reputation with CLS and Alberta Health Services. They will give you everything you need to start in health care down to scrubs to wear. I would recommend anyone to take a program here. The staff and teachers really care about students. They will help you reach your goals.

Jessie H. - 22/08/2019

Thank you ABES

Amazing school! The staff is very nice and helped get through my journey at ABES. I am so glad I attended here, I’ve never felt more set with my life. Thank you ABES!

Michelle N. - 22/08/2019

Great Place to Learn

ABES is a great place to learn, with friendly, supportive and professional teachers. I feed glad I chose ABES. They welcome feedback positively and support their students in all ways they can.

Navjot K. - 22/08/2019

Surprisingly Amazing

Looking for a career? Well I found one; I truly enjoyed studying in ABES, learning and at the same time having fun. There were lots of staffs in ABES willing to help in every step of the way, upon admission, student financing and career path for employment after taking the course. I can describe ABES in two words "Surprisingly Amazing.

Billy J. - 22/08/2019

The Health Care Aide Program at ABES helped Manju to land her dream job just 1 day after graduation.

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    Best School Ever

    This school is amazing. The staff really cares. I had issues in the program and had to miss class. They let me withdrawal, come back a couple months later and never charged me a penny more. This tells me the care about students and not about the money. Every person at ABES is helpful and kind. The school is the best school ever. I got a job right after graduating and I’m so happy I found my ABES family. Love you ABES!

    Stan A. - 22/08/2019

    More than Just a School

    ABES is 100% the best place to go if you want to work in the health care field. They are so supportive and amazing, willing to help you out whether or not your problems are school related. ABES is more than just a school, it's a family.

    Alex M. - 22/08/2019

    A Good Start

    It's a good chance to study a short program, especially if you're a newcomer and your English skills are just not enough to study any career at University! I'm from Ecuador and I just came here one year ago, so it's a good start when you really want to study but the language is one of the biggest issues!

    Samantha B. - 22/08/2019

    Amazing Experience

    Staff and instructors are so helpful. They stand by you at all times and don't let you fail. Amazing experience.

    Ajeet G. - 22/08/2019

    What is the Job Outlook for Community Support Workers in Calgary?

    Great news for Community Support Workers: there are plenty of opportunities for steady, high-paying positions available both now and in the future. According to Alberta Labour, Community Support Worker positions will grow 2.7% by 2021.


    In other words, if you’ve been searching for a career that will allow you to work with vulnerable adults, youth, children, and families…or if you’re just ready to finally earn the kind of salary you deserve…becoming a Community Support Worker is a fantastic way to earn more money while making the world a better place.

    Can I Qualify for Financial Aid?

    Yes! More than 95% of applicants qualify for financial aid.


    Many applicants—such as those with children, those who didn’t work last year, and those who recently arrived in Canada—will qualify for free grants automatically, and even those with a high income will usually qualify for some aid.


    In short: if you’re worried about the cost of the program, schedule a time to chat with an Admissions Advisor. They can help give you a better idea of how much financial aid you will qualify for.

    What Makes ABES Different from Other Schools?

    We stand out from other schools for 3 big reasons:


      As a small, privately owned school, ABES guarantees hands-on training for every student.

      Unlike other schools, all our programs offer practicum in the Calgary area—making it easier for you to stay local. (Many students get their first job offer while they’re still on practicum)

      Finally, we stand out for our extensive connections in the medical community. Thanks to our relationships with local healthcare facilities, our graduates have an easy road to employment.

    What’s the Next Step?

    Fill out the form on this page to request more information.


    Or, get in touch with an ABES Admissions Advisor for a free, no-obligation consultation. They’ll answer your questions, explain how much financial aid you’ll qualify for, and help you decide if Health Care Aid Certification makes sense for your goals.


    We can’t wait to meet you!

    Learn more about Community Support Worker

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