Medical Device Reprocessing Technician


40 Weeks

Graduate Employment rate


Average Salary in Area


What Are Medical Device Reprocessing Technicians?

Program Details

  • ABES offers a full-time Medical Device Reprocessing Technician program in Calgary that will provide you with the necessary technical skills, employment preparation skills and other essential skills to work in the medical field
  • Upon graduation from our Sterile Processing Technician program in Calgary, you will be a certified Medical Device Reprocessing Technician with certificates in WHMIS, CPR and defibrillation as well
  • You’ll do an 8 week practicum which will give you on-the-job training and networking opportunities
  • As a Medical Device Reprocessing Technician you will need the skills to reprocess reusable medical devices. You will need to be able to properly gather, disassemble, clean, disinfect, reassemble, package, sterilize, store and distribute basic surgical instruments for re-use in hospitals and other health care facilities
  • With our Sterile Processing Technician in Calgary, you will be qualified to work in many healthcare facilities such as operating rooms in hospitals, private health care facilities, surgical centers, dental offices, colon cancer screening centers and day procedure facilities


  • FREE Discovery Session where we will help you navigate the application
  • FREE support throughout the ENTIRE financial aid and grant process
  • An ABES backpack filled with all the school supplies you need for school including your books & scrubs
  • 99.5% of our applicants receive financial aid or grants BEFORE starting
  • A 8-week practicum which will give you on-the-job training and networking opportunities
  • Become a certified Sterile Processing Technician in 40 weeks