Health Care Aide


21 Weeks

Graduate Employment rate


Average Salary in Area


What Are Health Care Aides?

Program Details

  • With our Health Care Aide training in Calgary, you can become fully qualified to work in a hospital, nursing home, group home, care facility in just 21 weeks
  • ABES works directly with employers in Calgary to train you in the skills you need to succeed as a Health Care Aide
  • You will graduate with our the Government of Alberta Health Care Aide Certificate
  • You will earn 15 additional in-demand certifications
  • By the time you graduate you will have completed at least 3 clinical rotations arranged throughout the program
  • Health Care Aide is an all-encompassing assistant for patients and other care workers
  • Demand for Health Care Aides in Alberta is high right now
  • Upon graduation you can work as a Nursing Attendant, Personal Care Assistant, Senior Care Assistant, Nursing Assistant or Home Health Aide


  • FREE Discovery Session where we will help you navigate the application
  • FREE support throughout the ENTIRE financial aid and grant process
  • An ABES backpack filled with all the school supplies you need for school including your books & scrubs
  • 99.5% of our applicants receive financial aid or grants BEFORE starting
  • 3 clinical rotations so you get on-the-job training and networking opportunities
  • 15 IN DEMAND Professional Certificates including CPR AND First Aid
  • The option to enroll in Nights & Weekend classes so you can keep working while you go to school
  • Earn your official Government of Alberta Health Care Aide Certification in 21 weeks