Tuition, Loans and Obligations: Financial Tips for Adult Students

Are you going back to school? Are you considering continuing education in Calgary? As an adult student, there is a lot for you to consider.

Education can be challenging both mentally and financially. Returning to school as an adult requires energy, commitment, and sacrifices for a better future.

Our educators at Alberta Business and Educational Services have a list of financial tips for new or returning adult students. We hope this helps you during an exciting period of your life.

Determine Your Budget

As an adult learner, post-secondary school in Calgary will take up a chunk of your time and financial resources. It is important to make a schedule and budget that reflect your new life. Here are a few things worth considering.

  • How much can you afford to spend?
  • Do you need to take out a loan?
  • What kind of expenses do you have every month?
  • Are you financially supporting children or elders?


Don’t forget to think of your other commitments when budgeting. Do you need a babysitter to help out during school? Do you need extra help around the house? Adult learners have more obligations than their younger classmates.

Other Financial Aid

There are ways other than your own hard-earned money and savings to finance your education. Every situation is different but here are some alternatives worth considering:

  • Financial contributions from your employer. Your employer may chip in financially for your degree. Check your company’s policy to see if this is an available option.
  • Loans and bursaries. You could be eligible for loans and bursaries from the government or your school. There is help for mature students who need financial aid. Our post-secondary school in Calgary guides students through the process.

Health Coverage

Are you covered by a work healthcare plan? There is a possibility that you may lose your health benefits and dental plan. It is best to know what your options are for healthcare and if you need to acquire a new plan.

Don’t forget that healthcare is also personal. Our actions play a huge role in maintaining our own health. During your time in school it is important to eat, sleep and exercise well.


It is necessary to consider the costs for public transit or private transport. How far are you travelling for school? How much will you spend on gas for your car or for a monthly bus pass? These are important points to consider.


School is an investment in your future but if you’re stepping back from a full-time job, money might be tight. It is a great idea to put aside money for your retirement or rainy day fund before starting school.

We hope our tips and considerations help you plan for your college years. We know it is not always easy, but education is invaluable.

If you are interested in pursuing continuing education in Calgary, contact us today.

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