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Surviving the Classroom when You’d Rather Be Enjoying the Sunshine

After a long, cold winter has kept you inside like a prisoner for months, the warm embrace of the springtime sunshine can seem as heroic as Superman rescuing a baby from a burning building. When faced with the decision to enjoy some fun in the sun or to study for finals, responsibility often gets packed away with the rest of the winter gear.

Don’t let a few warm days turn your GPA into a hot mess. With a little extra effort, you can commit to a strong finish to the semester. Use the following tips and tricks to keep your grades looking as fine as the sunny weather outside.

1. Study outside:

Put out a picnic blanket, grab a few of your textbooks, and bring the study party into the beautiful sunshine. If at all possible, organize group study sessions and meetings outside as well.

2. Set distinct goals:

Specific, realistic goals can help you to manage your time more effectively. Come up with a plan to complete all of your studying and projects like regular check points or creating a timeline.

3. Reward yourself:

After logging some serious study hours or completing a project, reward yourself with a little fun in the sun. A quick dip in the pool or trip to the park might be just the motivation you need to finish your term paper.

4. Do the worst work first:

If you put off your worst assignments until the end, you will be battling them after your defenses have been worn down by previous assignments. Prioritize your assignments according to how motivated you are to complete them (and by deadline, of course).

5. Write it down:

Create a to-do list and watch it shrink in size. Post this list somewhere you can see it throughout the day. If you can literally see your work load getting smaller, you will be more motivated to work hard to finish it up.

6. Seek reinforcements:

If you are besieged by a bad case of spring fever, your friends are probably suffering too. Help each other stay motivated. Remind each other of the goals, and make fun plans during free time. Friends don’t let friends’ grades be slaughtered by warm weather.

Nobody wants to be inside when the great outdoors beckons, but you can beat those classroom blues! With a little extra effort, you can keep motivated, fight to the end of the semester, and reap the rewards of a job well done.

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