Obtaining a College Education with a Family in Calgary

Worried You Can’t Handle College and a Family? Getting a college education is a game changer, both for your family and for your career. But is it possible to do it all—to fit in laundry, dinner, bath time and coursework?

The good news is that many students at ABES and other healthcare schools in Calgary have done it, and with great success. Here are some of the supportive tips they have to share.

1. Weigh Your Decision Carefully

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on tuition, books and childcare if you’ll only end up skipping classes to stay home with the baby.

Strategies: Talk to a counsellor from our admissions department for help deciding whether you’re truly prepared to balance your studies and your family life.

2. Establish a Good Support System

Your chances of succeeding in medical school or at a technical post-secondary school are greater if you have a concrete support system.

Strategies: Communicate with your instructors about assignments and any missed classes. Set up daycare arrangements that cover your homework schedule in addition to classes. Enlist family and friends for unexpected daycare needs or for some extra study time.

3. Set Up a Routine You Can Stick To

If you feel guilty when you’re studying because you’re not with your family, and vice versa, it’s likely that everybody will end up frustrated and disappointed.

Strategies: Consider saving homework until after your child’s bedtime, or go to bed early yourself and then wake up very early in the morning to study. Just be sure that your plan is realistic and doable.

4. Be Your Own Cheerleader

It’s going to be difficult some days. Remind yourself constantly that you are capable and well on your way. Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up on the days when things seem to fall apart.

Strategies: Have a backup childcare plan for those times when you need a moment to yourself. And when you feel overwhelmed, remember that you can start fresh again tomorrow.

5. Focus on Your End Goal

When your reasons for taking on the challenging school/family balance start to get fuzzy, remember why you’re in college and what it means for you and your family.

Strategies: Focus on the fact that you’ve chosen one of the best post-secondary schools in Calgary; you already know that your ABES education and practical training are going to help you get a good job when you graduate.

Remember, our top priority is to make you immediately employable. If you’d like to take one of our programs but aren’t sure if you can handle the workload, call us and let us tell you more about what to expect and how we can help you succeed.

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