If You Go to Vocational School, You're on the Fast Track to a Job

Many vocational and post-secondary schools have an employment rate around ninety percent—great news for recent graduates and those looking for a program that’ll land them a job. But which programs contribute to that percentage? And which programs have the best employment rate? This page has the answers.

Programs with the Highest Employment Rates

If you’ve ever thought about going into science or medicine, you’re in luck. Skilled medical professionals and scientists are in high demand, so you should consider these careers when you go to vocational or post-secondary school:

  1. Medical Device Processing Technician: This career has an incredible 96% employment rate. As a medical device processing technician, you’ll contribute to a surgical team, keep tools sterile and assist with other aspects of surgery. It’s a very important job, which is why it’s so high in demand, and you’ll make anywhere from $15 to $31 per hour.
  2. Medical Laboratory Assistant: If you’d like to work in hospitals, community health centres, or laboratories as an assistant, the medical laboratory assistant program has a 95% employment rate. You’ll also make about the same amount of money as a medical device processing technician.
  3. Medical Office Assistant: If you’d prefer a more clerk-like job, medical office assistant programs have a 90% employment rate, and you can use these skills in nearly any industry. The salary range for a medical office assistant is about $30,000, the same as a medical laboratory assistant or medical device processing technician.
  4. Health Care Aide: Ever wanted to provide personal, one-on-one care? You’ll also benefit from a 90% employment rate if you become a health care aide. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to help the sick and elderly in health care facilities or private homes.
  5. Animal Caretaker/Zookeeper: Want to work with animals instead? Graduates in the animal care industry also enjoy an employment rate of 90%. Fantastic opportunities and adventures await because training zookeepers can make between $30,000 and $40,000 per year!

Although job prospects look grim for many post-secondary graduates, you can escape the trend by enrolling in any of these programs. ABES is proud to offer students the ability to join careers with such high employment rates, and we'll give you the knowledge and skills to make you the best job candidates in the field. Call us to learn more about our programs today!

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