How to get the Most out of Your College Education

Congratulations on making the choice to attend Alberta Business & Education Services (ABES)! The experience you gain here, along with the certification we offer, will prepare you for a rewarding job in your field.

Remember that as a student you are not expected to learn everything all at once. Study and hard work will prepare you for your chosen field. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your time here at ABES:

Plan ahead. Successful students are mindful of deadlines. Give yourself enough time to thoroughly understand your assignments so you can get them done on time. If you have exams coming up, set aside extra time to study.

Manage your time. Being a student requires as much dedication as a full-time job. Schedule the time you spend outside of class. If you take a little time each day to study, you will learn more effectively than if you try to cram everything in the day before the test.

Take notes. If you’re not one of the lucky few with a photographic memory, be sure to take detailed notes of your instructors’ lessons. Write down the most important points of the lesson. It can also help to take notes from what you read in your textbook. Most students say it helps them to have class information in their own words.

Ask questions. If you have a question about a concept, it is very likely other students in the class have the same question. Don’t hesitate to speak up; if you get confused or lost on the first day, it may be very difficult to catch up during the rest of the course. Good questions keep you on track to succeed.

Participate in class. Programs at ABES are focused on placing you in your career after graduation. Much instruction is hands-on, so it prepares you for real tasks in your chosen field. Take advantage of the experiences available by fully participating in your courses.

Create study groups. Study groups are an excellent way to learn. If you schedule an appointment to study with others, you can get answers to your questions and answer others’ questions. The best way to learn a concept is to try to teach it to someone else.

Limit distractions. We know going out with friends is more fun than studying, but don’t let social engagements and other distractions stop you from taking full advantage of your courses. As you schedule time for study, schedule time for fun as well. By marking clear boundaries between study time and relaxation time, you can do well in your classes without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

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