How to Attend College without Breaking the Bank

A college education is one of the largest and most important expenses you will ever have. Many people go thousands of dollars into debt to finish their degree, and those people often spend a decade or two paying that debt back. This doesn’t have to happen to you. If you plan for your college or trade school finances beforehand, you will have far less debt, if you have any debt at all.

Use These Tips!

Start saving for college early.

If you have a bank account as a teenager and start putting money away early, you can use your savings to pay for college. You might not be able to pay for tuition entirely, but you’ll reduce the amount of debt that you'll carry with you after graduation.

Take AP or dual credit courses.

You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you take AP classes that count for general college course credit.

Apply to more affordable colleges.

Some schools overprice their tuition because of pride or prestige. Apply to schools that you can actually afford.

Find scholarships.

Nothing is as exciting as getting free money to go to school. Apply for any scholarships for which you might be eligible. Make sure you look on the national and local levels, and check to see if you can apply for ethnic, religious, or location-based scholarships.

Get a job while in college.

You probably won’t have a job that will pay for your tuition all at once, but having some income to help pay for your fees will be beneficial.

Live as simply as possible during college.

You don’t have to be a hermit during your schooling, but parties are expensive to host and to attend. Budget so that you can have a little fun, but save most of your money to pay for your educational expenses. You’ll be happy you did.

You can always apply for loans if these tips don’t eliminate your debt completely.

Federal loans have a fixed interest rate, so you should try to get those before you apply for other kinds of loans. You’ll save money that way. However, these tips should reduce your debt significantly so that you can pay off any loans quickly and without stress.

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