Hands-On Training versus Lecture Learning

Have you ever sat through a college lecture where you stared blankly at the teacher while he or she droned on and on? Although you tried to pay attention, most of what was said left your brain as soon as you stepped out of the classroom.

If You’ve Had This Experience, You’re Not Alone

The majority of universities embrace a lecture-based system; students listen as a professor talks to them. While this may be a fast way to convey information, it is often ineffective.

At Alberta Business & Educational Services (ABES), we believe hands-on learning is a better educational option. The following are just some of the reasons why we focus on hands-on training at Alberta Business & Educational Services:

Hands-On Training Develops Skills

When you begin a new job, chances are your boss isn’t going to ask you to take an exam to prove you’re ready to work. Instead, he or she wants to see that you’ve developed the skills necessary to become a valuable employee. These skills may involve working with customers, organizing your workload and performing basic tasks, all things you need to learn through action and not just through a textbook.

Hands-On Training Fits Different Learning Styles

The typical classroom lecture doesn’t fit every learning style. Kinesthetic learners, for example, need to perform applied activities for a principle to sink in. Even auditory and visual learners will learn better by watching the task performed and trying it themselves.

Hands-On Training Prevents Mistakes

When you’re new to a job, mistakes are inevitable. With hands-on training, you can practice in advance the skills you’ll need to prevent errors and embarrassment when you’re actually on the job.

Hands-On Training Gives Individual Feedback

There’s no way to gauge how well prepared you are for a job setting if you’re sitting in a lecture hall.

With hands-on training, you get the opportunity of working one-on-one with an experienced instructor who will help you with your individual questions and concerns.

Hands-On Training at Alberta Business & Educational Services

We know that not only does hands-on learning help you learn important skills, but it also allows you to gain the experience you need to be an asset to the workforce as soon as your training is complete.

We embrace hands-on training at Alberta Business & Educational Services because we want our students to have an advantage when they enter the workforce. For more information about our programs, call us at 403-232-8758.

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