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From Student to Scholar

Technically, everyone enrolled in a class is a student. But how many students are actually scholars? How many put their heart and soul into their studies and get maximum return? Here are some key characteristics that separate stellar scholars from simple students.


Scholars don’t just occasionally do their homework. They immerse themselves in their studies and put maximum effort into each assignment. Each task is completed on time. The quest for good grades becomes a source of pride as complete concentration is given to the academic task(s) at hand.


An education is far more than bookwork. Scholars recognize this. They take advantage of hands-on learning activities and extracurricular experiences. They strive to develop applicable skills in addition to book smarts. To become a scholar, take advantage of the various opportunities that come with being enrolled in school.


Homework is never easy to do, but it is even harder when doing it means sacrificing something else. When going to school, many things will compete for your time. By sacrificing what you want now for what you want most long-term, you can become a true scholar.

Hard Work

The trait of hard work is much more than the discipline necessary to give your all to your studies. Hard work also applies to the other aspects of life that are essential to obtaining a strong education. For some, this may mean holding a job (or jobs) to make money to pay for school. For others this means studying while raising children. For still others it may mean long days and sleepless nights so that everything gets done on time.


It sounds hard to be a scholar because it is. But in the end it is worth it. Scholars get rewards that are not afforded to students.

They get more job opportunities and higher wages. They get knowledge that lasts and can be applied to daily life, not just a fleeting understanding that is gone once an exam is handed in. They get the stability and security that comes once an education is turned into a rewarding career.

You can be a scholar. ABES can help. ABES is based in Calgary and services all of Lethbridge and Edmonton. We’ll help you get an education and unrivaled hands-on experience in a variety of rewarding fields. Our opportunities, combined with a true scholarly approach, will lead to a gratifying career that proffers you the security and solidity you deserve.

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