For a Successful & Rewarding Career, Become a Medical Reprocessing Technician

Do you ever wish you could just start over? They say that if you pick a career you love, you will never work a day in your life. Continuing education programs in Calgary can help you get there. Among these programs is the medical device reprocessing technician program in Calgary, a program to help you get on track to a life you will love with a career in the medical field.

What is a medical device reprocessing technician?

A medical device reprocessing technician is a health care professional who has front row seats to all kinds of surgeries by being an essential part of any surgical team. Working in hospitals, in operating and delivery rooms alongside physicians and dentists, the technicians are in charge of:

  • Ensuring that all instruments used by medical professionals are clean and sterile.
  • Manually cleaning prior to sterilization.
  • Examining equipment for defect.
  • Reporting any cleanliness problems.
  • Testing the equipment and recording results.
  • Ordering supplies.
  • Assembling instrument trays.

How do I become a medical device reprocessing technician?

To become a technician, you first need to have a two-year post-secondary degree in Health Care for Life Sciences. Once you have completed 32 weeks of theory and lab courses offered at a Calgary medical school, you will do 8 weeks of final practicum. You will learn technical, preparation, and essential skills to assist the surgical team in their work.

During your training at a medical school in Calgary, you will get hands-on experience that will set you ahead of others. Once you graduate, the employment rate for a medical technician is extraordinary! In fact, 96% of graduates are placed within Alberta Health Services facilities upon graduation! This means that within a year of making the decision to put yourself on a path to an exciting and rewarding career, you will be working for a competitive wage in an expending and challenging field.

In addition to the high employment rate, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 20% job growth in the next few years for medical device reprocessing technicians. As the population ages, baby boomers will start needing more surgical work. The need for medical professionals will also grow.

You will also witness technological advancements in the fields of fiber optics, laser and robotic technology, helping with your expertise to keep them clean, sterile and organized. Your work is and will always be vital to patient and surgical care as new instruments and equipment are introduced to medicine.

Where do I sign up?

To get started today on a new career path that will lead you to a bright future in the medical field, you can apply to the medical device reprocessing technician program at the Alberta Business Education Services (ABES). Our licensed vocational college in Calgary offers this program twice per year, so you can get started right away.

For more information, or to apply to this program, contact our admissions office today!

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