Discover the Secret to Job Satisfaction & Career Growth

There are too many people in this world who aren’t happy in their work. We feel we aren't reaching our potential, we feel an emptiness about what we do and we have no idea how our bosses ended up in charge.

The average person's career path can seem bleak at times but that doesn't have to be the case. There are people out there moving up the ladder or skipping the ladder altogether to find more fulfillment in their work. What is their secret?

We can sum it up in one word: learning.

It sounds simple, but it is absolutely true. Those who continue to expand their knowledge and skills within their career field have it much better than those who coast by. Still not sold on the idea of learning a new skill for your career?

We'll outline 5 specific reasons that illustrate just what you stand to gain from a little extra work.

1. Higher Pay

No surprises here, but the more you can do, the more you can earn. Even simple things like correctly operating pivot tables in Excel or mastering photo editing software will noticeably increase your value to an employer.

2. Better Confidence

Money is nice, but it can't buy you confidence. There is a unique confidence-boosting sensation that comes with mastering a new skill for your career. For most people, improving one part of their skill set improves the rest of their skills as well. This is one of those "a rising tide lifts all boats" situations. If you feel better about your work performance, your work performance increases.

3. Staying Informed

There are hardly any career fields that aren't evolving and changing with advancements in technology. When you seek out new skills and spend time outside your regular sources of information, you are bound to learn new things about your industry. Staying informed will help you make better decisions and best position you for success.

4. Strengthening Personal Brand

If you can attach certain skills or expertise to your personal brand like editing, coding or nursing, you become more memorable. Not only will people better recognize you for what you can do, but if you continue to learn, you'll be known as a person who is constantly self-improving.

5. Increased Opportunities

Not only will your personal network increase as you learn more, but your marketability as an employee improves dramatically. People like hiring and working with hard workers, confident workers, and skilled workers. You prove yourself to be all of that and more when you continue learning new career skills.

Teaching career-advancing skills is what we do here at Alberta Business & Educational Services. We offer more than 50 training programs that will help you find true satisfaction and fulfillment in your work. Contact us today to hear more about the better career path that is only available with our programs.

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