Choose the Right Vocational School for You

You choose a vocational school to get ahead in your career. But how do you know if your hard-earned money is really giving you the leg up you need?

Take these tips into account when you’re searching for the right vocational school for you.


You want to make sure your degree will be taken seriously when you graduate, and the best way to do that is to choose an accredited school. If you choose a school without the proper credentials you are paying for your training, but potential employers might not recognize the hard work you put in.

Training Programs

Choose a vocational school that offers programs you actually want. If you want a career in medical care, choose a school that offers a good training program that will prepare you for that career. In your research, don’t just read the information provided on official school websites. You should also find independent reviews from past students. Make sure they say their training helped them find a job in their chosen field.

Job Placement Services

For practical-minded vocational students the point of school is to find a good job at the end of your studies. Many schools provide job placement services that help their graduates find meaningful work in their chosen field. Since you have a choice before you enroll, make sure the school you choose has a good system for job placement.

Financial Assistance

You should balance your desire to go to a good vocational school with your budget. While better schools boast a more prestigious reputation, they also tend to be more expensive. Look into financial aid options. If you can get assistance paying for school, it could really pay off for you in the long term. Be sure to exhaust your options before you pay out of pocket expenses for your schooling.

Hands-On Training

The main advantage vocational school has over traditional universities is hands-on experience. You can gain real world training that is directly related to your chosen field and gives you a leg up on the competition. Make sure the training offered in your courses involves lots of hands-on training. Practice makes perfect, and you can get a lot more practice by attending a vocational school.

Latest Technology

If you’re already shelling out cash for your education, it pays to make sure the training you receive is based on the latest information. A big part of that involves technology. The best way to find out if a school you’re interested in uses the latest technology is to do a site visit. You can take a look at the technology used in the classrooms. If it looks out of date, you can move on to a school that provides what you need.


If you have any questions about how to choose a good vocational school, call our counselors today at 403-232-8758. We can give you personalized information about ABES and how it can further your career.

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