Become a Health Care Aide in Calgary through ABES

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Over the past few years, Health Care Aide programs have undergone a number of name changes. You might have previously heard them referred to by any of the following:

• Personal Care Assistant
• Nursing Assistant
• Nursing Aide
• Home Health Aide
• Personal Care Worker

This full-time, 21-week program will provide you with all the skills and practical experience necessary to work as a Government of Alberta approved Health Care Aide. All students complete a minimum of three different practicums throughout the program. The practicum component is key to the success ABES students have had with the Health Care Aide Program at our Calgary location. Each student’s practicum reinforces the skills gained through the Health Care Aide Program.

Earn 11 Certificates
In addition to The Government of Alberta Health Care Aide Certificate, graduates also receive certificates in St. John’s Ambulance First Aid, CPR, and St John’s Ambulance Defibrillation, WHMIS, FoodSafe, Palliative Care, Foot Care, Diabetes Care, Medication Administration, and Supportive Pathways. Each of these certificates remains critical to your long-term success as a Health Care Aide working in Alberta. This training prepares graduates to work as Health Care Aides in a variety of health care settings including hospitals, nursing homes, group homes, long-term care facilities and community-based programs.

Our Health Care Aides Get Hired
ABES has been training Health Care Aides in Edmonton and Calgary areas since 2001. Since that time, the Government of Alberta Health Care Aide Program has graduated thousands of Health Care Aides in the Calgary area. Employment rates have always exceeded 90%.

Learn Skills Hands-On
Within the second week of your training you will integrate into a clinical hands-on-training environment. The program is based on a model where students receive theoretical instruction, followed by those skills being reinforced on a practical level in a clinical setting; this combination of theory immediately followed by practice provides a strong practical skill base for our graduates. All students will do at least three different clinical rotations by the time they finish training. All ABES program practicums are arranged and set up by ABES.

Increasing Employability through Additional Certification
Throughout the years ABES has responded to our partners' and employers' demands for highly trained Health Care Aides. For example, the Supportive Pathways Certification, which involves learning to care for patients with Dementia, is a requirement for all employees of Carewest, one of the largest agencies that manages care facilities. Having a Supportive Pathways Certificate upon completion makes ABES Health Care Aide graduates very desirable.

The most recent salary survey released by the Alberta government for a Health Care Aide indicates an hourly rate of pay of $17.32 per hour to a high rate of $21.48 per hour once experience is gained in the industry.

Operating with 11 intakes per year and providing the potential to bridge to an LPN program, the Government of Alberta Health Care Aide Program remains the leader in entry-level training in Calgary.

Call Us for Information
If you would like more information about The Government of Alberta Health Care Aide Program, ABES invites you to call us for details. We look forward to welcoming you as a student. When it comes to health care schools in Calgary or Edmonton area, ABES is the best choice to launch you into a new and exciting career.