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Career Information for Aquarists and Zookeepers in Calgary

If you’re looking for a hands-on profession and you love working with animals, the ABES Zoo and Aquarium Technology program will help you find a fulfilling career. Zoo keeping is the foundation of any successful live collection, and becoming an aquarist or zookeeper in Calgary will allow you to combine your love of animals, healthcare and science. With the help of Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA), ABES has developed a balanced curriculum for our Zoo and Aquarium Technology program that will help you achieve a desired level of training to support your career goals. Flexible and adaptable, our program is dedicated to enhancing the profession of zoo keeping. 

Through the program you will gain basic zoological knowledge, learn animal management and husbandry and gain valuable workplace skills. Your responsibilities as a zookeeper in Calgary will include feeding and caring for animals, training animals, managing breeding programs and more. You should have a love of the outdoors and exotic animals to be a zookeeper.

Begin your path towards a rewarding career

Educational Requirements

CAZA recognizes the educational and recreational values of zoos and understands the importance of preserving species and captive propagation. The Zoo and Aquarium Technology program at ABES is designed to encourage zookeepers in Calgary and to enhance their skills and knowledge in areas of biology, animal management and husbandry. 

You must have a high school diploma or equivalent to enroll in the Zoo and Aquarium Technology program. Upon graduation from our theoretical and factual program, you will be certified by CAZA. Please also note that certification is not required or regulated for this profession.

Advancement Opportunities

Through our program you will learn all aspects of animal care to help you succeed as part of a team in a congenial atmosphere. The aim of our Zoo and Aquarium Technology Program is to support practices that improve the experience of visitors and employees at zoos.

Employment is high for aquarists and zookeepers because of impending retirement of existing zookeepers. Upon graduation from our program, you will have many career opportunities open to you. Many students choose to be zookeepers or environmental educators, but other positions such as nutritionists, animal trainers and curators are open to you.

A Fulfilling & Rewarding Career Awaits

It was decided in 1999 that a set of standardized training methods was necessary for aspiring zookeepers. Calgary’s ABES created the Zoo and Aquarium Technology program in the early 2000s. A formal modularized home study program, this program benefits the zoo industry by providing zookeepers with effecting training in management and husbandry. 

Our program contains 754 hours of instruction and hands-on work. You’ll learn basic biology, horticultural support, sanitation, safety and more. The courses are available through distance-learning so you can continue to work your current job while studying Zoo and Aquarium Technology. This national zookeeper training program is designed to service the needs and interests of trainees and trainers, and to ensure that you have the necessary skills to have a fulfilling and rewarding career in the animal care field. Contact us today to learn more information about becoming an aquarist or zookeeper in Calgary.

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