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Responsible for the day-to-day operation and administration of the program within the ABES environment. Skills required include administrative, organizational, people management and budgetary management depth.

Administrative Skills Required

A high level of administrative management depth, including the ability to handle the following specific responsibilities:

  • Scheduling and management of training facilities, audio/visual requirements and all areas that impact program delivery
  • Provision of all teaching aids to instructors for the program on a daily basis
  • Facilitating a training session and mentor system for all new hires in the instructor role within the program at ABES
  • Determination of test grading procedures and general course requirements. Grade tests and compile scores as recording by the Instructors within the program and preparation and distribution of all certificates, transcripts, and letters of completion to students on course completion
  • Support the recruitment process of instructors by ensuring applicable policies and procedures of ABES are followed. Review and evaluate applications for instructor positions in participation with the Campus Coordinator for ABES. Participate in the interviewing process for new instructors on an as needed basis.
  • Ensure student compliance with academic policies and procedures at ABES
  • Monitor graduate employment status on an ongoing basis at 3, 9 and 12 month intervals and ensure spreadsheets and reports are updated accordingly on those timelines.

Organizational Skills

The Program Coordinator will have advanced organizational skills and the ability to plan and prepare accordingly. The successful candidate will also be able to handle:

  • Ongoing evaluation of course content through attendance of course delivery and course content review in a random fashion throughout the program delivery
  • Complete scheduling of programs, including assignment of instructors to each course module as required. This task must be completed six months prior to program delivery
  • Participation in student recruitment process through liaison with external organizations and delivery methods
  • Development of program requirements through liaison with employers and provision of program information to participating employers
  • Monitor of student progress and ensuring the maintenance of associated reports, records and files
  • Participation in long-range course planning by reviewing program enrollment patterns, including analysis of successful graduates, identifying core program requirements, projecting academic resources and instructional needs to assist in the development of course and teaching schedules
  • Provide input into the development and modification of programming policies
  • Assess the impact on program activities to policy enhancement, disseminate information about change to applicable staff and students and ensure all affected individuals receive information about regulation and policy changes
  • Support and participate in the recruitment process of instructors by ensuring applicable policies are followed, reviewed and evaluated on an ongoing basis
  • Organize and follow through on event activities applicable to the program (i.e. graduation, trade shows, and field trips). Determine staff participation for these events
  • Review student attendance on a weekly basis and act according to ABES policy with appropriate disciplinary response

Human Resource Management Skills

The successful candidate will have the ability to effectively:

  • Notify and discuss with student's issues surrounding their performance in a private setting. Performance discussions are to include remedies for improvement as a matter of course. Documentation of all student discussions is a requirement
  • Provide academic advice to ABES’ registered students in accordance with ABES policies, procedures and regulations
  • Participate in interviewing process of instructional staff on an as-needed basis
  • Supervise instructional staff to ensure compliance with all ABES policies and procedures on an ongoing daily basis
  • Meet with students to remedy student concerns and issues once first addressed directly to instructor of program. If an instructor cannot resolve the dispute, the Program Coordinator will meet with student to resolve the issues. If the dispute cannot be resolved at this point, the issue moves to the Campus Coordinator for resolution
  • Implement student action plans/probations with a goal of improvements. Focus on academic and attendance issues
  • Provide ongoing updates on program changes to be provided to all staff at ABES as required

Budgetary Management Skills

The successful candidate will be able to effectively handle:

  • Management of annual operating budget of the program through the preparation of:
    1. Cost projects and Forecast of Cash Flow
    2. Review of Invoices and Sign off for Accounting
  • Review of receipts for reimbursement to be forwarded to Campus Coordinator
  • Preparation of periodic financial summary and financial status reports
  • Preparation of program statistics and employment statistics as required
  • Input into ACM (ABES Case Management) student and course information as required

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Required

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written
  • Excellent financial administration and human resource management skills
  • High level of proven skill with word processing, spreadsheets and web-based software as required. Particular emphasis on the Microsoft Office environment
  • Excellent skills with planning and program and administration
  • Undergraduate degree and 3-5+ years of related experience, which includes experience in financial administration, human resource management, post-secondary curriculum planning and development, OR an equivalent combination of experience and education that yields the skills outlined
  • Exceptional depth in organizational skills, analytical reasoning, problem-solving and conflict management and resolution skills
  • Requires familiarity with course material and content. While the coordinator does not deliver the course material, it is required that the Coordinator monitor the classes and provide adequate counselling to students
  • Certification as a trainer or Provincial Instructors Diploma or equivalent
  • Competence with audio/visual tools for the classroom

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